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Hello! My name is Rosie.  (Please click here to learn more about me...)

                                          And this is the home of Reiki Ted

Are you feeling sad, anxious, out of sorts or in pain? Complementary Therapy may help you.

I specialise in Remote Reflexology & Reiki .

Reflexology (MAR) (more here...)  

Usui (Holy Fire) Reiki  in which I am trained to Master/Teacher Level (more here...

These are both complementary therapies which help relax the body and help you sort out emotional turmoil. Simply relaxing has its own proven therapeutic effects, and yet on your own its often so hard to do. Both therapies encourage stillness & letting go and so give you  a greater sense of well being. As a result recipients often feel enlightened and empowered to cope with life.

I have found that these therapies seem to be even more effective when delivered remotely. A longstanding Reiki technique is to use a teddy bear as a stand in for the person receiving the treatment, and so I use Reiki Ted but imagine  the recipient. I was really surprised to find this works, but read people’s responses here….

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I am also available to give talks, lead Workshops and Quiet Days..

If you think I can be of help, please email sometime@phonecoop.coop , or phone (01303) 277399.  

Please note: these therapies are ‘Complementary’ they work alongside traditional medical practice, and are not alternatives to any advice given by a medically qualified practitioner.


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